Shooting from car's side window Edit

This feature is implemented in the game, however, the game doesn't allow player to test it. Because you are allways the driver, only your collegues shoot from their window.

The Job System article reveals pieces of code that show quick menu responses for jobs. Interesting one is this one:

14_58_00_0001:Do you want to be the driver?

Maybe they were planning about giving you the opportunity to choose, if you wish to drive or shoot. Instead, they made the decision for you - drive. I'm talking about

  • Chapter 10 - Room service. When you escape Empire Arms hotel, you pursuit escaping gangsters and Joe shoots from the car's window.
  • Chapter 14 - Stairway to heaven. When you are being chased by the federal agents after you killed Tommas Angelo. Same scene - you drive, Joe shoots.

Reason for not using fully implemented feature is a mystery for me. Functioning feature can be found in this video, where it is working on a testing map with a scripted ride, this testing level is accessinble via free ride for Joe's Adventures. This map also displays Forklifts.