Furkan Yıldız Taxis are used in Mafia II to transport various people from place to place.[1] They play an important role in some missions, such as:

  • In Chapter 2, Vito uses one to travel to his mother's apartment.[2] This is the only time Vito uses taxi service in-game.[3]
  • At the start of Chapter 7, Vito uses one to travel to Joe's apartment after his release from prison[4] in a pre-rendered cutscene.[3]
  • In the Joe's Adventures mission Skunk in the Trunk, Joe gets rid of a taxi with a dead body for Marty.[5]
  • In another Joe's Adventures mission In the Shadows, Joe uses a taxi to drive the traitor to Lincoln Park to kill him.[6]

Although taxis can be seen, crashed into or stolen throughout Empire Bay, Vito cannot request taxi service. There are locked scripts for taxis in the game[3], which indicates that taxi service was once available and planned for the game. In Chapter 2, the script was only used once in the game and Vito is forced to pay money for transport, which he should be able to do so throughout the whole game. In an interview video of Daniel Vávra, the writer and designer of Mafia II, he talks about the taxi service. He even mentioned that the player is able to skip the taxi ride or watch the city he is passing through while Vito is taken home.

Question: Can we use public transportation?
2K answer: The team has talked about this in the past, but public transportation won't be something Vito uses. He has an entire garage of sweet cars, anyway. Why would he take the bus?!
Source: 2K Forums


The script can be found here:[3]

  • Interaction messages
00_50_00_0291:Get in the taxi
00_50_00_0296:Use the taxi service
00_50_00_0297:Stop here
00_50_00_0298:Step on it!
00_50_00_0299:Skip ride
00_50_00_0300:Wait here
  • Options menu keybind labels
00_59_16_0030:Call Taxi
00_59_16_0064:Taxi Skip Ride
00_59_16_0065:Taxi Set Destination
00_59_16_0066:Taxi Burn The Wheel
00_59_16_0067:Taxi Stop
00_59_16_0068:Taxi Wait
  • Hint prompts
02_52_00_0001:To hail a taxi, press Y.
02_52_00_0030:You need to take a taxi.
02_52_00_0034:You forgot your suitcase - it's in the trunk of the taxi.