The former game contains an interesting feature. Vito had a reputation meter which changed according to situations that he enters during the gameplay or steps that he chooses.

Example of this can be found in the game code:

00_53_02_0001:Respect: %d/100

02_52_00_0003:Your respect level increases for completing missions and jobs. The higher the respect level is, the lower the prices in the stores, police fines or bribes. The level will decrease when you kill police officers, civilians, and for other offenses and prices will increase simultaneously.

00_50_00_0103: You killed the innocent. Your reputation is reduced!

Jarek Kollar(2k Czech developer) confirmed in 2009 that in late parts of the game Vito will have a respect in the linesthumb|300px|right

of police as a feared gangster. It means that they will chase him for breaking the rules but as soon as Vito gets out of the car they will apologise:,,Ah that´s you Mr. Scalleta, we apologise for chasing you". An interesting feature, isn´t it?