Job system was found in the game files

00_64_06_0026:Paint job WANTED
00_70_00_0503:A Job For The Mob
00_70_00_0504:A Job For The Mob
00_70_00_0310:Job Well Done
00_70_00_1301:Job For Husband
00_70_00_1411:Jobbing For Derek
04_58_00_0010:Who do you work for?
04_58_00_0011:Empire Phone Company
04_58_00_0012:Horizon Electric Company
04_58_00_0013:Norton Telephone Company
04_58_00_0014:Do you want to take this job?

20_51_01_0013:Activate job: Mafia never forget
20_51_01_0014:Activate job: City sightseeing
20_51_01_0015:Activate job: Quick action
20_51_01_0016:Drive Alonzo to the Charon Funeral House.
0_51_01_0017:Go to the fast food joint and talk with Eddie.
20_51_01_0018:Go to Mike's to get a clear car.
20_51_01_0019:Go to Harry's and pick up Eddie's man.
20_51_01_0020:Go to Greenfield.
20_51_01_0021:Take Eddie's man to the car near the stadium.
20_51_01_0022:Go back to the fast food joint and report to Eddie.
20_51_01_0023:Quick Action.
20_51_01_0024:Transporter job: Alonzo's train is delayed. Take him to the funeral house in time.
20_51_01_0025:Mafia never forget
20_51_01_0026:Transporter job: Support the assassin dealing with a rat in the family.
20_51_01_0028:Talk with Loony in the Maltese Falcon.
20_51_01_0029:Talk with Loony in the Maltese Falcon.
20_51_01_0030:Cover Loony's back.
20_51_01_0032:Enemy invulnerability ON
20_51_01_0033:Enemy invulnerability OFF
20_51_01_0034:Enemy added.

20_51_01_0046:Drive to Derek and check if he has some work for you.
20_51_01_0047:Destroy the marked shop.
20_51_01_0048:Rob the shop - steal money from the cash register.
20_51_01_0049:Yes, good work, let's destroy more things.
20_51_01_0050:Yeah! More than one half destroyed. Now destroy the rest!
20_51_01_0051:Good start. Continue devastating the shop.
20_51_01_0052:Protect this man. No names, no questions. Just keep him alive!
20_51_01_0053:Attackers. Kill these bastards!
20_51_01_0054:Watch your back. They could sneak behind you.
20_51_01_0055:Last one. Make sure he doesn't survive.
20_51_01_0056:The bastard refuses to pay. Take the money yourself.
20_51_01_0057:There is word that this man is a squealer. Kill him!
20_51_01_0058:There is a fistfight for honor and money. Gain both of them.
20_51_01_0059:Beat him. Smash him. Annihiliate him. Just don't let him do that to you, and stay in the circle.

Some more on the job system and responses

02_58_00_0001:Wanna drive?
02_58_00_0004:Can you escort Monique?
02_58_00_0007:Do you accept this job?
02_58_00_0009:Not this time.
02_58_00_0010:Hey, what are you doing here?
02_58_00_0011:None of your business.
02_58_00_0012:I jammed my damned key and I can't open it.
03_58_00_0001:What do you want to do?
03_58_00_0002:Pay $100 extra for keys
03_58_00_0003:Just get information
03_58_00_0004:Come back later
03_58_00_0006:Are you ready to begin the mission?
03_58_00_0007:Can you drop off a prostitute?
04_58_00_0001:Which wire do you want to disconnect?
04_58_00_0002:Red wire
04_58_00_0003:Blue wire
04_58_00_0004:Green wire
04_58_00_0005:White wire
04_58_00_0006:What are you doing here?
04_58_00_0007:Aggressive response
04_58_00_0009:Make an excuse
04_58_00_0010:Who do you work for?
04_58_00_0011:Empire Phone Company
04_58_00_0012:Horizon Electric Company
04_58_00_0013:Norton Telephone Company
04_58_00_0014:Do you want to take this job?
05_58_00_0001:Feel like helping out?
06_58_00_0001:Cockroach from garbage can
06_58_00_0002:Cockroach from kitchen
06_58_00_0003:Cockroach from toilet
06_58_00_0004:Select your racer

07_58_00_0001:Talk with Derek
07_58_00_0002:Talk with Joe
07_58_00_0003:Sit down
07_58_00_0004:Take the money
09_58_00_0001:Take the key
09_58_00_0002:Unlock the handcuffs
10_58_00_0001:Tell a lie
10_58_00_0002:Tell the truth
10_58_00_0003:What the fuck are you doing up here?
11_58_00_0001:Do you want to help Henry with his contract?
11_58_00_0002:Sure, business comes first.
11_58_00_0003:No, friends come first.
11_58_00_0004:What brings you here?.
11_58_00_0005:I'm just someone's driver.
11_58_00_0006:I'm here to deliver a message for Leo.
11_58_00_0007:I came to knock off Leo.
11_58_00_0008:Why didn't you go inside?
11_58_00_0009:I wouldn't want to surprise him like that.
11_58_00_0010:You know I'd like to, but I really got to get goin'.
11_58_00_0011:I'm supposed to stay here, but I'd be happy to see Leo too.
11_58_00_0012:Old guy's plannin' on cookin' up a storm today, just like the old days, huh?
11_58_00_0013:Ya know, this could be the old man's last supper.
11_58_00_0014:Sounds good to me. If there's one thing I miss from the can, it's the food.
11_58_00_0015:Good one. Always the joker, huh?
11_58_00_0016:Do I look like I'm jokin'?
11_58_00_0017:Yeah, I'm just fuckin' with ya. I just came by to see how the old man's doin'.
11_58_00_0018:Shit! Vito - please tell me you got nothing to do with that!
11_58_00_0019:Unfortunately, I do.
11_58_00_0020:Hey, I just got here.
11_58_00_0021:What do you do?
11_58_00_0022:Deal with the Irish now.
11_58_00_0023:Let it be.
14_58_00_0001:Do you want to be the driver?
14_58_00_0004:Do you want to restart the mission?
14_58_01_0001:Do you want to help Joe?
14_58_03_0001:Do you want to help Derek?
14_58_03_0003:I have no choice. I need money.
15_58_00_0001:Who do I kill?

Question: On the map, there is a widget titled "Jobs." What are those going to be?2k answer: I’m pretty sure you are looking into the game code, and is something the team may have used as reference – Why are you in the code, anyway?! Play the game! It’s awesome!