According to some developer diaries Vito was able to walk in the streets with his gun if he owns the gun licence. Originally police were not able to chase him for showing the gun on public unless he shot a person.



In the full 8 minute gameplay trailer from Gamescom 2009, a scene not in the final game is shown at 2:33, where two guys attempt to mug Vito, one telling him to "Shut up and fork over all your dough before you get hurt" while brandishing a knife, the other cracking his knuckles.Vito draws a gun and the two guys back off, but a cop shows up: "You better hope you have a permit for that thing. Let's see it."The police choice menu comes up, and one of the options in the menu is "Show your LTC" (license to carry). Having 3 choices in the police choice menu instead of just 2 in the final game really rounds out the choice menu.

You can find this text in the game code:

04_51_01_0007:Pick up your gun license from Giuseppe.

00_50_03_0003:The police want to check your gun license.

20_58_00_0002:Show gun license

Question: Will there be gun permits in the game?

2k answer: No, there won’t be. Keep your weapon hidden from the cops!

Source: 2k forum

Question: Will the cops arrest you if you're holding a gun that you have a permit for?

2k answer: We don’t have gun permits in the game – so be sure to avoid police if you have your gun out!

Source: 2k forum